The biggest challange for any convenience store buyer is to arrange business loan.

Convenience store business purchase involves various additional expenses other than purchase price of the business. Purchase price of the business includes business asset and good-will. Besides purchase price, buyer has to pay for the value of the inventory. There are various deposits also involved, like Lottery(OLG) deposit,Rent deposit with landlord usually first & last month’s rent in advance, hydro company deposit, hard cash to put in to ATM machine, Canada Post deposit if the store has Canada post outlet and of course closing fees to the lawyer. Besides these, a new buyer has to keep some working capital to cope up with planned or unplanned inventory purchases and accidental repair and maintenance expenses.

Most of the buyers do not have enough cash funds available to meet with the above mentioned expenses & deposits. Some buyers may have enough cash funds, but still prefer to get business loan ,if possible, so that they can enjoy smooth cash flow in the initial phase of the business takeover, and also the surplus funds can be used to invest for other necessary purposes or in another business investments.

Many people believe that it is not possible or it is very tough to get business loan for a convenience store purchase. But that’s not true always. We have been successfully doing business loans & commercial mortgages or combination of both for convenience store buyers of up to 90% of the purchase price, whether buyer is buying business only or business & property together.

We deal with all major banks & financial institutions. We approach the most appropriate lender based on the information of the buyer and the business. All lenders do not have the same policy. We are Licensed Mortgage Broker and We are doing business loans and commercial mortgages for our clients within Ontario and also in other provinces of Canada. We provide only quality business to the lenders and that’s why we have strong business relations with many lenders and we carry strong goodwill with them.

So, If you are buying convenience store business through us or not , you may always come to us for the help in securing business loans. Buyers enjoy special discounted fees if they are also buying business through us.

Contact us today to know if you qualify for the business loan or not , and if yes ,how much !!!

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